the fit-ology approach

You know how being “smart but scattered” can create feelings of shame, guilt, anxiety and low self-esteem? 

How fast does your heart drop at these words: “You have so much potential, if you’d just apply yourself.”  

Me too.  I’ve been that kid.  I’ve had that kid.  Twice!  And it breaks my heart every time, so…

I use a holistic approach to help you:


meet the team

Also called my inspiration, my greatest teachers, and the reasons I’ve barely slept since the early 2000’s.

The Benevolent Dictator

My son, the first among us to discover he has a supercharged brain, has been on the move since day one. He calls ADHD and dyslexia his “learning goodies” because he has learned how to harness their power.

She Who Must Not Be Ignored

My daughter, who hates being the last at anything, was the last among us to discover her supercharged brain.  Despite her distraction, she catches everything — she’s a born negotiator who remembers mostly the details you wish she’d forget, and will debate your socks off.

Jessica Covington

And this is me:  mama to two amazing kiddos, wife to the most patient man ever, coach to some seriously spectacular Busy Brains(sm), and caretaker of my own ADHD mind–which sometimes takes on a life of its own.  Dance saved my sanity and helped me create my own coping strategies when “ADHD” was barely even a thing (and certainly wasn’t suspected in girls).

photo credit:  Bonnie J Heath Photography

my bio

I’m a mom and a wife.  I have a very Busy Brain(sm) of my own and even on the most distracted days, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I’m a dancer, an introvert and a lifelong learner with the fashion sense and humor of a fifth grader — and I’m okay with that.

I’ve been teaching others dance, health and fitness since the first time legwarmers and headbands were cool, and took a tour through the professional world via human resources.  Recruitment and development were my HR specialties because I loved making the perfect match between people and the work they love, and helping them do it really well.

My clients learn habits, tricks and tips I’ve learned along the way and continue picking up daily — and every combination is different because every person in every family is different.  It’s like the souvenirs kids bring back from a hike: acorns, leaves, sticks, shiny rocks and more — all treasures of various size, and different every time.

Stuff you might notice about me:  

If you’re still here, you must be looking for the nitty-gritty.  Here goes:

our story

When my son was diagnosed at age 7, I dove head-first into all the research I could find on ADHD and dyslexia.  Having been a dancer, and later a health and fitness coach, I saw all this information through the lens of physical health and its connection to the mind.  When my son first told me he was embarrassed  about being behind in class and feeling different from his friends…well, that’s what woke up the warrior mama in me.  I knew I had to wage war on shame and guilt in order to show him how powerful he really is.

That began our strengths-based approach — and it made such a difference that others began to notice his happy smile, his progression at school and more.  I couldn’t resist sharing all the good stuff we learned (and continue to learn!).

I am not about to allow feeling “less than” wreck things for anyone I can reach.  Back to the gift analogy on the home page, I know there are layers of tough tape and wrapping to open — but I promise there are beautiful gifts inside.  It’s my privilege and my mission to help you see and love them.

next steps…

What’s to lose?  Let’s talk for 15 minutes to see if fit-ology is a good match for you.  No strings, no BS, just real talk about the possibilities and a decision that’s left up to you.

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