Clients say

  • “We loved all of our training with you, especially because you are able to relate as a mother to an ADHD child! Your knowledge and resources are amazing! I still think about it when [my daughter] does her swim practice. The final pages that you sent me after our last session are incredible! I love that it is so tailored to us…Thank you so much for everything! I can’t wait to check back in and let you know how it goes.”    –Mom of a 9-year old with an energetic passion for just about everything


  • “The amazingly good news is that we had her annual IEP meeting with her team this week and they all agreed that she is one of their best students and has made huge leaps in her ability to focus!!!”         –Mom of a 10-year old whose musical talents have landed her a coveted spot in an arts school


  • “This service is BRILLIANT. I will happily recommend it to friends and clients!”     –Mom of a 10-year old with a flair for hip-hop dance paired with unexpected music


  • “Jessica excels at thinking about ADHD as a strength rather than something to overcome.”     –Mom of a 10-year old super-athlete with a giant heart


  • “Your work has given [my child and I] a common language around his state of mind; he can now tell me when his brain is very busy or more calm. Grades…really popped by the end of the year; core knowledge is much better.”–Mom of a 10-year old ninja with an eye for art


  • “[My child] feels more confident and supported now, knowing that ADHD is just a different way to learn, not something to be ashamed of.”  –Dad of a 7-year old artist in the making