You know how being “smart but scattered” can lead kids to feel shame, guilt, anxiety and low self-esteem?  Well, I use a holistic approach to access your child’s best and highest performance so that you get a happy, thriving, confident kid who can use that fun, intelligent, creative energy for goodness.

People with ADHD are brilliant, creative, talented and driven – they’ve just been raised in a system that doesn’t work for them.  They’ve been given a toolbox for the wrong job.


I show them how to change the system and make it work – how to find the right toolbox.  I help them see their gifts and work around their challenges.

Taking a whole-life, whole-family approach, I make a custom coaching plan for each person.  Movement, nutrition, resources, and ongoing support are typically included in tailored-to-you plans varying from one week to six months.

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