(…or, “more about that whole-family, whole-life, whole-person thing”)

(…or, “a better name for ADHD”)

ADHD is neither a deficit nor a disorder.  There’s nothing deficient about the capacity of these fast, strong minds to pay attention — as long as the topic is interesting.  And it’s certainly not a disorder, unless you mean the dizzying system many of us call “organization.”  Rather than a deficit of attention, we have a surplus, and it comes with extra challenges in regulating it.

I prefer to call ADHD by better names:  “Busy Brains”(sm) or “Multi-Track Minds.”(sm)  

Don’t those just feel better immediately?  They’re far more accurate descriptions of what happens inside a powerful mind.

People with ADHD have an enormous capacity to take in fantastical amounts of information and detail, and they’re proof that (despite prevailing thought) certain people actually CAN do several things at once, and do them pretty darn well.

We’re going to work from strength here.  Rather than focusing on the challenges — there are many! — we’re going to start with what feels easy for a Busy Brain.  Instead of spending all our time trying to shore up weak spots, we’re going to build on what’s already solid in our foundation.

That’s where fit-ology comes in:  

teaching the tools,

cultivating the connections, and

building the brain into the best version of itself.


People with ADHD are brilliant, creative, talented and driven – they’ve just been raised in a system that doesn’t work for them.  They’ve been given a toolbox for the wrong job. I can’t stand one more person feeling worthless or incapable, simply from having the wrong toolbox.


I show them how to change the system and make it work – how to find the right toolbox.  I help them see their gifts and work around their challenges.


Taking a whole-life approach, each coaching plan is custom-created.  Exercise, Nutrition, Metacognition & Mindfulness, “SHT” (Systems, Habits, Tools), and ongoing support are the four pillars of every fit-ology coaching plan.


I don’t have it all figured out.  I became a coach because I’m in it with you, day after day — NOT because I know all the answers.  I’m in the trenches, trying new things…using what I’ve learned the hard way…being my own experimental subject…searching for answers…(ahem) “educating” those who see only the negatives…experimenting, failing and trying again…shedding happy tears when the brilliance shines through the chaos.   I know personally how damaging it can be to hear about “just trying harder” and having “so much potential, if only…” That’s what I’ve heard most of my own life, and it led me to believe I was weird, lazy, stupid, crazy and more. I wasn’t any of those, and neither are you!  I live this life every day, just like you, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


I will never judge you or your choices.  

I will never blame you (or anyone) for the challenges you face.  I know what it’s like to be judged and blamed, guilted and shamed.  I have heard people try to convince my kids that there are “just some things they’ll never be great at doing.”   That’s bullsh*t, and it’s not going to happen on my watch.

What we will do is start from a place of strength, and build from there.  

We will practice.  

We will reflect, and we will practice again.  

We will celebrate growth, not perfection, and we will relish every step toward progress.

I believe…

We have capable, busy brains.

With the right tools, they are the innovators, disruptors, creators and stewards of the world.

People deserve to learn in their own style without shame or guilt.

Finding the right tools for each person is like unlocking a vault of treasures.