Resources & Friends

Nutrition for Great Performances

an expert dietitian, ballerina, and rockstar mom with practical, sensible advice for even the pickiest eaters

Grant Park Academy of the Arts

your home for all things related to flexible homeschooling; exceptional arts education plus engineering, physical and mental health and more

Swim Beyond

the one and only swim coach I recommend for Busy Brains

Clear, Calm Space

professional organizing from a mom who ‘gets it’ on many levels

The Stress Therapist

that doesn’t really require explanation, does it?

Dragonfly Reiki

I can’t tell you how it works, only that it does, and she’s one of the best at it

Dinners In A Dash

Chef Mary makes healthy food taste delicious — and she knows how to feed Busy Brains, even the picky ones


my favorite meditation tool, with kid-friendly (and parent-friendly!) meditations, some as short as one minute


play-based language immersion program with afterschool and camp options

Spunky Little Arts Company

arts and enrichment education in-home, after-school and in community settings

comprehensive site covering homeschool life, resources and more