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Maybe you’ve thought of ADHD as a diagnosis…a disorder…a life sentence…a label.  And that’s okay — but it’s time to let go of that now.  It’s time to shift into positive motion now and realize that the Busy Brain(sm) life comes with plenty of challenges — and also amazing gifts and unlimited potential.  

The holistic coaching at fit-ology is for:

  • parents who want their kids to live a vibrant life of learning and growing — not to feel shamed or defeated by a rigid system that simply can’t keep up with the child’s warp-speed mind 
  • children with ADHD who realize they are different, and believe that’s a bad thing
  • adults who know they have something to say, something to offer in the world — they just can’t seem to “get it together” or “stay focused” long enough to put it out there.

If you need to hang on to the negative and insist that your beautiful Multi-Track Mind(sm) (or your loved one’s) is an evil creation to be beaten into submission, you have my very best wishes as you go on your merry way.  I’m not the coach for you.

I’m not suggesting we never admit that this is HARD.  It can be really tough sometimes, and it’s important to save space for the struggle.  YES, we can talk about the hard stuff…and then we will turn to the goodness.

So, if you’re ready to take the wheel of your turbo-charged power and begin understanding how to steer it gently and confidently (or to teach your little one how to steer), stick with me.   It’s gonna be a fun ride!

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Premium:  six months of continuous coaching ($1395)

    • Six-month commitment
    • At least 22 meetings (to include initial and mid-point consultations)
    • Unique-to-you customization to meet specific needs and goals for client and family
    • Unlimited email and reasonable phone access to your coach for questions and support
    • Newsletter, roughly once a month, chock full of stuff you can use now (not just a sales pitch)
    • Forever discounts and exclusive early registration to all webinars, new coaching plans, programs, support groups and other offerings
  • Refer-a-friend incentives


Advantage: four to six weeks in a concise program ($397)

    • Four to six sessions over four to six weeks (includes initial consultation and final follow-up; number of sessions depends on needs and specific mutually-agreed coaching plan)
    • Email access to your coach for questions and support
    • Totally customized to specific needs and goals of client and family
    • Sessions often include Homework Helpers, Focus Finders, Brain Food and Resource Roundup (but will be adapted to meet the client’s needs and goals)
    • Newsletter, roughly once a month, chock full of stuff you can use now (not just a sales pitch)
  • Discounts and early registration to all webinars, other programs and support groups; refer-a-friend incentives


Basic: two sessions, one solution ($195)

  • Two sessions (including initial consultation) aimed at a single top concern
  • Newsletter, refer-a-friend incentives






Coming soon:  Conative Strengths Assessment and Coaching…for kids!

What if 

  • You could make learning easier for your child
  • Your child could take action without nagging, cajoling, or argument
  • Home felt more peaceful and the people in it felt more comfortable and capable

Who could your children be 

  • Without having to struggle with starting or completing tasks or lessons
  • If learning felt FUN again
  • If they knew their own core instincts and motivations

What could your children achieve if 

  • They knew their unique pattern of intrinsic strengths
  • They had the confidence to try 
  • They could create their own best possible environments for working or learning for a lifetime


Soon, fit-ology will offer a unique opportunity to empower kids in their four Action Modes — the key to being their best in navigating the world around them.


Using simple questions (there are NO rights or wrongs!), your coach will uncover your child’s natural ways of initiating action and responding to the world.  Knowing our unique Action Mode pattern allows us to tackle any challenge with less effort and more joy.  


Conative strengths work for every child, and are especially important for kids with ADHD or learning differences, who often struggle to navigate a world that isn’t made for their ways of thinking.  In addition, our Busy Brain(sm) kiddos often hear far more criticism of their abilities than average kids — which can quickly lead to drops in self-esteem and confidence.  Imagine your child having an unshakable confidence in her/his intrinsic abilities!  

Your next steps, to receive half-off pricing AND fund a scholarship* for another child who wouldn’t otherwise have access:  

  1. Become a newsletter subscriber to receive early-bird* admission and pricing — click here to subscribe.
  2. Like/follow the FB page, and share with friends – any and all kids can benefit from knowing their intrinsic strengths and how to use them.
  3. Email or message the FB page saying “I want fit-ology strength!” to be among the first to receive a pre-launch scheduling call.

*A portion of proceeds from completed early-bird registrations will fund  scholarships, making this service available to kids who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity.




Other offerings:

    • ADDult Weight Loss
        • Multi-track Minds can make it difficult to take care of our bodies.  Learn specific tips and tricks — and get solid instruction in exercise and brain-boosting nutrition — that mean you finally lose it and keep it off.  Not just any off-the-shelf plan will work for complex minds, so we’re going a step beyond.
        • Twelve weeks of anti-boredom workouts to keep your mind engaged and your body strong.  
        • Twelve weeks of eating correctly to fuel your brain, stoke and steady your energy level and lose excess baggage.
      • Accountability is built-in — you’re not allowed to let this one slide.  It’s tough love time:  workouts, data points and food journals checked weekly.
      • Please ask about current programming and rates
    • Mindful Movement Coaching 
        • Get your multi-track mind engaged with your body in a feel-good feedback loop.
        • Maximize sensory input and minimize screen addiction.
      • Twice weekly coaching
      • $125 weekly
    • Qualitative Motion(sm) (aka, Busy Brain Dance(sm))
    • Busy Brain Yoga(sm)
  • New additions based on client need — please ask about yours and for details on those above.







It’s time.

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t know it, too.  You’ve tried a few things, maybe, but nothing has really stuck….nothing really has made the difference you wanted.  Let’s talk.  In about 15 minutes, I’ll listen to your goals, challenges, and fears — and then give you the straight scoop on whether fit-ology(sm) can help.

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