Case Studies

Some case study examples are listed below; remember that every client and every coaching plan is unique.



(names changed for privacy)


Client:   “Van,” second grader with ADHD, auditory challenges

Concerns: focus during school lessons; homework struggles; energy management; emotional regulation; currently using medication

Coaching plan: Advantage program over six weeks, including two visits with Van

  • Homework Helpers included explanation of body-mind connection; exercises to activate that connection at will; active illustration of limbic system response
  • Focus Finders included student’s favorite activity (running); fidget “audition” and feedback; metacognitive analysis and challenge; introduction to meditation
  • Brain Food included analysis of current food habits; suggested supplements to research;
  • Resource Roundup included custom-curated collection of books, apps, music, board games, active family outings and more

Results:   Van has grown in emotional and attentional regulation, has done well in school and at home, and discontinued medication.  


Client: “Lynn,” fifth grader with ADHD, executive function challenges

Concerns: expanding food selectivity, following multistep instructions, physical coordination, mental integration; not on medication

Coaching plan: Basic – one visit with parent, one with student

  • One visit with Lynn included shame-busting introduction to Busy Brain(sm) mindset; lots of easily-repeatable exercises to activate body-brain connection (including some in “stealth mode” so people at school won’t even know!); introduction to mindfulness meditation; expansion challenges; weekly checklist of activities to keep the family on track and moving forward

Results: Lynn has improved school performance and was accepted to a highly competitive magnet school.


Client: “Thomas,” fourth grader with ADHD, dyslexia

Concerns: emotional regulation, executive function, attentional regulation, child’s frustration in performance, increasing anxiety; not on medication

Coaching plan: Premium over six months, including initial and mid-point consults

  • Beginning visits with Thomas included introductions to the  Busy Brain(sm) mindset, the “flipped house” analogy of emotional regulation and the warrior anxiety mindset to reduce shame and anxiety.
  • Weekly visits with Thomas include physical activity drills, mindset check-ins, mindfulness training, food habit tracking, “family fun in the sun” and more.
  • Suggested activities outside coaching include music lessons (guitar, in this case); parkour and rock climbing; cooking.

Results: Thomas now reads above grade level, has fewer outbursts, has built executive functioning skills to the point he planned a huge community project with minimal help, and is an official “buddy” to classmates with ADHD.