Brilliance in the chaos.

You know it’s there.  Like the keys at the bottom of your purse, or the diamond encased in a chunk of coal, you know there is brilliance somewhere in the chaos.  You just need help to find it and let it shine. 

ADHD is a whole-life, whole-person thing.  Its effects ripple through every day in every thing.  

You bet I said “gift.”  My mother’s holiday gifts, sent from only a few states away, create the perfect ADHD analogy.  She sends amazing, useful, interesting things — but the packages are nearly impossible to open!  Layers and layers of paper and tape encase the goodies hidden inside, so opening them requires skill, patience, and a bit of diligent hard work.  (It runs in the family, too – her brother wraps the same!) Just like ADHD, lovely gifts are tough to unwrap, and sometimes you need a little help.  That’s why you’re here.

Brilliance in the chaos — let’s find yours. 

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